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Orihuela Costa is a unique place on the Mediterranean coast of the Costa Blanca, the center of tourism, and resort holidays in Spain with endless white beaches and clean sea air. By choosing this place to buy real estate, you make a profitable and safe investment!

Modern residential complexes of economy and business class are being actively built in the resort area of Orihuela Costa. Since 2022, housing prices in this region have increased by 48.6%.

It is worth noting separately that Orihuela Costa is famous for the high level of service offered. Unique climatic conditions, pink salt lakes with flamingos, clean beaches and sea air, more than 320 days of sunshine a year, and the absence of factories attract tourists from all over the world.

For more than 10 years, LeNovaZ agents have studied the coast well and know all the advantages of living in various areas of Costa Blanca, and also take care of the comfort of their clients by offering high-quality real estate and full support at all stages of the transaction.

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LeNovaZ Real Estate Agency Services When Buying Immovable Property in Costa Blanca

LeNovaZ  Real Estate Agency Services When Buying Immovable Property in Costa Blanca

Residence Permit in Spain

Assistance in obtaining a residence permit in Spain based on the purchase of real estate.

LeNovaZ  Real Estate Agency Services When Buying Immovable Property in Costa Blanca

Golden Visa in Spain

We prepare documents for obtaining a Golden Visa in Spain based on an investment in real estate.

LeNovaZ  Real Estate Agency Services When Buying Immovable Property in Costa Blanca

Real Estate Investments

We select highly profitable objects for investment in Costa Blanca.

LeNovaZ  Real Estate Agency Services When Buying Immovable Property in Costa Blanca

Income from Renting

We will help you earn renting your home in Costa Blanca from 5000 euros annually.

LeNovaZ  Real Estate Agency Services When Buying Immovable Property in Costa Blanca

After-sales Service

Once you buy a property in Spain, we help you keep all the documents.

LeNovaZ  Real Estate Agency Services When Buying Immovable Property in Costa Blanca

Buying Real Estate in Costa Blanca

We find properties on the coast of Spain for a comfortable life under your budget.

Real estate agency LeNovaZ

Lenovaz real estate agency has been operating in the real estate market for more than 10 years and specializes in the sale and rental of real estate on the Costa Blanca, in Orihuela Costa. We provide a full range of transaction management services for foreigners wishing to buy property or rent a house for a long time in Spain. Lenovaz experts have thoroughly studied all the advantages and disadvantages of living on the Costa Blanca and are ready to help you find your dream home.

A feature of Lenovaz is the ability to resolve any issues that our customers have during and after the purchase of a home. The team of Lenovaz real estate agents, as well as our partner's lawyers, notaries, translators, and financial experts, help you choose the best property and organize a successful buying process.

The main advantages of working with us are:

  • Convenient and fast search for real estate objects on our website
  • Always up-to-date database of properties in Costa Blanca
  • Provision of all types of services for foreigners who decide to purchase property in Spain
  • Fast response to your inquiries
  • Possibility of online consultation if you are unable to come to see the property on your own
  • Comprehensive legal aid
  • Solving any issues related to the real estate purchased from us and your future life on the Costa Blanca.

Our offices are open in several European cities, we answer in any way convenient for you and can organize an online tour of the object of your choice.

Real estate agency LeNovaZ

Office in La Zenia, Alicante

Avda de la Playa 5b, Urb. La Zenia, 03189 Orihuela Costa, Alicante
+34 652 282 080, +34 966 182 373
Real estate agency LeNovaZ

Office in Los Dolses, Alicante

Carretera Villamartin 13, CC Los Dolses, 116, Orihuela Costa, 03189, Alicante
+34 652 282 080, +34 966 182 373

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FAQ about Buying a Property in Spain for a Foreigner

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Citizens of any country can buy property in Costa Blanca. You can purchase in the name of an individual or a company. For example, obtaining a residence in this country is unnecessary to buy an apartment in Spain. However, in the regions recognized as strategic defensive locations, citizens of countries outside the European Union will require special permission from the Ministry of Defense. These are regions in the vicinity of the Strait of Gibraltar, the borders of the country to Portugal and France, the Gulf of Cadiz, and the coast of Galicia. Also, some areas in the Balearic and Canary Islands regions are close to Cartagena.

Real estate prices in Spain vary significantly from region to region. But we can guide you on average prices in certain cities, so you can understand whether you have enough budget to buy a property in Spain. But as it is impossible to determine the average temperature in the hospital, it is impossible to answer the price of housing in Spain. Each case requires separate work and research. After all, every person has her idea of the ideal housing on the coast.

Suppose you are looking for an apartment on the secondary market in a small town with at least two bedrooms. Proximity to the sea is not crucial, but you must stay within your budget. To buy a home on the Costa Blanca, you must focus on a 85,000-150,000 euros budget, excluding taxes for non-residents of the Kingdom of Spain. If you are interested in the apartment's proximity to the sea, you can add up to 70% on top of this cost.

Suppose you want to avoid many neighbors and are prepared for the fact that the social infrastructure will not be nearby but at a short distance by car, and you are considering townhouses. In that case, your approximate budget will be 200,000 euros. If you would like to see out the window blue-blue Mediterranean Sea, add at least 50% to the budget.
Are you sure you want to buy a house and a plot in Spain, away from the neighbors? Then your budget will have to start from 350,000 euros. The closer to the sea such a house is, the more expensive it will be. The cost also depends on the year in which the house was built.

For those planning to buy a villa in the Costa Blanca, you need to count on a budget above 450,000 euros for a newly furnished villa. The budget tends upward depending on your requirements, and the average ranges around €1,000,000. 
As you see, you can buy property in Spain by the sea on any budget. The peculiarity of Spanish property is that it increases in price every year, and demand for it remains stable. If you are on our website, you are already on your way to buying a home in your neighborhood. It remains only to ask us questions and enjoy the sea view from your home soon. Buying property in Spain is easier than you imagine!

First of all, contact a real estate agency Lenovaz. We offer a full range of services for selling real estate in Spain, the Costa Blanca. The preparation for the sale will consist of several steps:

  • Real estate appraisal;
  • Check the economic and legal status of the property by obtaining the necessary certificates and extracts;
  • Preparation of housing for sale (elimination of defects, professional photos, description);
  • Placing the property in the database;
  • Consultation and support of potential buyers on the object;
  • Making a reservation contract and receipt of deposit;
  • Preparation of necessary documents for real estate sale;
  • Drawing up and signing the contract at the notary;
  • Payment of necessary taxes.

Write to us in chat or any convenient messenger, and we will tell you the legal steps to buy real estate for cash.

If you plan to bask in the warm sun all year round, we recommend buying property in this region. There are several advantages to this area:

  • A unique microclimate that is suitable for people with respiratory problems, systemic diseases, and autoimmune diseases;
  • More than 300 warm sunny days a year;
    relatively inexpensive housing market;
  • A variety of landscapes on the coast, will suit both beach lovers and connoisseurs of a mountain and green areas;
  • Low cost of living compared to other European countries.

To buy real estate in Spain, there must be several items:

  • The availability of funds for the purchase of the property, the payment of property taxes, and current expenses related to the execution of the transaction;
  • Opening a current account for a non-resident to purchase a property in Spain;
  • Obtaining a foreigner identification number;
  • Conclusion of a preliminary contract for the purchase of real estate in Spain;
  • Signing a notarial deed;
  • Registration of the new owner in the Registry of Owners;
  • The signing of service contracts with the maintenance company (companies like housing and utilities), the company providing electricity, water, and so on.

We accompany you every step of the way.

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Office in La Zenia, Alicante

Avda de la Playa 5b, Urb. La Zenia, 03189 Orihuela Costa, Alicante
+34 652 282 080, +34 966 182 373

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